Corvus Coffee – Denver, CO

This is the first in a series of posts I am titling "The Gibraltar Report".

Some call the drink a cortado, with its roots coming from the Spanish verb cortar, or cut in english.  This of course is describing the espresso shot cut with steamed milk.  The glass this drink is often served in bears the name Gibraltar glass.


This first review comes from Corvus Coffee Roasters.  I have tried two of their cafes, Bowles Crossing and South Broadway.  Each cafe has a different feel, both unique and modern.  The shots from South Broadway have been bitter each time but overall still a decent drink.  I would give them a 5.


Bowles Crossing on the other hand has produced some wonderful shots and definitely faster than South Broadway.  Of the 2 drinks tested there, both were smooth and flavorful and really showed off the Corvus roasting skills.  Bowles Crossing Corvus earns a solid 7 at this time.


Ratings are liable to change as bean sourcing, roasting techniques, brewing techniques & equipment, and baristas change.

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