Customer Success Operations Manager

Zach Pollack

Bringing together skills across the spectrum of Customer Success, I am a dedicated and driven operations manager with expertises in technical analysis, data driven problem solving, and intelligent process improvement.  Fast paced, data centric environments push me to produce my best work.  I am always open to conversations about new opportunities and I would encourage you to check out my resume to see if your organization could benefit from my experience, skills, and perspective.

If you want to learn more about me as a person, check out my blog!

Operations Manager

With experiencing across the customer success landscape, I am able to pull knowledge from many domains to perform as an effective customer success operations manager.

Technical Analyst

Combining a deep knowledge of internet technologies and proficiencies in data reporting and analytics allow me to better understand the enterprise ecosystem and power data driven decision making.

Project Manager

Strategic initiatives, project based implementation, and correction programs have honed my skills as a project manager.

Systems Administrator

Expanding on my deep technical background is a desire for order, hygiene, and compatibility of success tools with the success professionals that use them.