October 2021-Present

Customer Success Operations Manager

Constant analysis of customer success program performance using early indicators of decisive client action to evaluate customer telemetry.  Manage the delivery and methodology behind the the customer lifecycle through maintaining the the timing and touch methods right for each situation.  Develop opportunities for improvement across the organization by identifying critical acceptance criteria.  Coordinate cross functional process to help drive attainment of department goals.  Management of resources and people to enable every member of the organization the opportunity to achieve their goals.  Management of customer success organization tools and systems to ensure a high level of cleanliness, usability, and power to the mission.  Design and deploy scalable strategies for data hygiene, process compliance, and policy frameworks.  Drive scalable automation and efficiency improvements across the organization.  Support the broader customer success organization teams to address client needs and ensure customer delight.

January 2021 - October 2021

Program Manager, Data Ingestion

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of a large scale data ingestion program including new client onboarding, vendor relations, support resolution and data reporting. On occasion providing consultation to product and engineering teams on new enhancements and bug resolution. Technologies in use include REST APIs, FTP flat file exchanges, Amazon Web Services tools including Redshift, S3 Buckets, and EC2, in addition to a standard software management tool stack. Additional duties include data reporting and analysis using Redshift and a range of BI tools, process improvement and documentation, and organizational training.

January 2019 - January 2021

Application Specialist/Deployment Solutions

As an application specialist I had the opportunity to work with customers(director level school district administrators) across a range of sizes from under 10,000 students upwards of 250,000 students. I worked with these clients to understand their requirements for our products, configure the application to their needs, troubleshoot technical issues, and create custom reporting. The bulk of my work and focus was in project management process and technical enhancement. I worked on developing new project plans and methods for implementing PowerSchool solutions and spearheaded initiatives to move back-end technical processes into graphical interfaces. Technologies used include SQL of various flavors, Microsoft Server tools, HTML, XML, JS, along with a standard stack of tools.

May 2018 - January 2019

Customer Success Manager, Onsite

Worked on site with a new enterprise size client to oversee the successful implementation of PowerSchool products. This position was originally designed to take 1 year to complete the goal of a successful implementation and roll out but I was able to accelerate the timeline and still provide a successful roll out. Worked daily with stakeholders across the school district to gather requirements, convert those requirements to configuration changes or enhancements, and train a wide user base on the customized platform. Our training and roll out included individualized training by each user’s role with separate training and resources created for end users, administrative users, and help center staff. By the end of my tenure with the client, they were a top performing client equipped with all the tools to remain successful on their own.

October 2017 - May 2018

Customer Success Manager

Led the initial ideation and creation of a Customer Success Program. Worked with tools like Zendesk and Intercom to build customer facing resources and a portal for support ticketing. Designed gap/SWOT analysis process for other CSMs to use for client analysis. Designed a suite of Zendesk automations and macros to ease support teams in case resolution.

July 2016 - August 2017
SocialSurvey (Now

Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager in such a young company, I had the opportunity to work across many functional groups. Responsibilities included managing Zendesk ticket queues, macros, automations, and statistics for a small support team, customer success consultations, advanced troubleshooting, and product requirements for enhancements and bugs. I worked closely with the founder to design SWOT analysis for Quarterly Business Reviews and ensure the founder’s vision was seen through in our final products.

Summer 2014, Summer 2015
JCC Camps

Media and Social Manager

Responsible for collection, processing, and storage of image and video resources to be used for parent communications, social media, and traditional marketing.  Responsible for meeting a collection quota and maintaining hygiene standards across the collection.  Additional responsibilities included storage and upkeep of equipment, social media post composition and publishing, and supporting broader marketing initiatives.

2012 - 2015
Greyhound TV

Founder & Executive Producer

Prepared a VC style pitch to school executives to secure funding to form a live, online television station.  Funding was granted in the form a first year budget of over $20,000 with a recurring budget the subsequent years to cover services and expendable charges.  Purchased and configured the equipment for live broadcasts including multiple camera angles, multiple audio sources, on screen graphics, and video overlays.  Managed the training of a staff of peers to operate as a production crew.  Fostered relationships with other local schools and organizations to provide production services for their events.  We were some of the earliest to use YouTube Live and likely the first high school to broadcast their own sporting events on YouTube Live.



Capacity & Resource Management

Lifecycle Management

Strategy Alignment

Reporting & Account Analysis

Content Development

Process Improvement

Project Management


Task Management

Effective Communication

Risk Management

Strategic Planning


Relational Databases



SalesForce Administration


Notable Accomplishments

Small Market Deployment Solution

Designed a new implementation services option geared towards the smallest customers to expand and broader the application of the product.  Used data collected from past implementation projects to identify key components, opportunity for improvement, and insights to develop a less expensive, less time consuming onboarding process.  Designed and deployed project plans, internal process documentation, time budgets, and customer facing resources to support the new offering.  Tested the offering on a select set of users before deploying it more broadly and offering the new program as a SKU that could be purchased.  This initiative drove sales in a market segment otherwise not reached and allowed clients looking to do more of the work the opportunity to pay less.

Platform Migration

In multiple positions I have worked through multiple complex migration campaigns.

In one opportunity, I was able to design a process for moving users from a product being sunset to a go forward product with differing data structures and functions.  Activities included project planning, data mapping and scripting, and customer education.

In another opportunity I was able to design the project management process supporting the migration of over 400 accounts and 50,000 users to a new platform.  Supported the project management and technical "reconnection" aspects of the migration.

Recommendations from Clients and Coworkers